Using a Counselor's Registration Link

Every counselor has a unique Student Registration Link. They may share this with you via email or may have it posted on their website. By using this link to set up your account, your student account will be automatically linked with your counselor's account. Click on the link and follow the steps below. 

Accepting a Corsava Invitation

If you received an invitation from Corsava, you will need to use the "Accept Invitation" button in the email in order to connect with your counselor's account. Click on "Accept Invitation" and follow the steps below.

>Learn more about connecting your account with a counselor

Option 1: Continue with Google

If the email address you wish to associate with your Corsava account is a Gmail account or a Google Account, you can get started without creating a Corsava-specific password. Click "Continue with Google," sign in to the appropriate account (if you are not already), and continue to Step 8 below.

Option 2: Set up your account using your email address

  1. Click "Sign up" in the lower right hand corner of the log in window.
  2. Enter the email address you want associated with your Corsava for Counselors account in the space provided.
  3. Create a password. 
  4. Click "Sign up" button.
  5. Use another browser window/tab to check your email for your verification link. Open the email and click the "Verify Email" link.
  6. Return to the Corsava Sign In window and click "Continue." 
  7. Sign In using your email address and the password you just created.
  8. Confirm your age. Please note that to use Corsava you have to be at least 13 years old.
  9. Find your school. Type in the name of your school and hit "enter." Select your school from the search results. International students, make sure to select "I live outside the US."
    • If you enter the name of your school and don't see it in the returned list of schools, it may be because there are too many with similar names and not all are appearing in your view. If you include quotes around your school name and then search, you will see that appear first and can select it. 
    • You can also manually enter your school by clicking the "I cannot find my school" text at the bottom of the page and then filling out the form provided:  
  10. To complete your account set-up, complete the form provided, accept Corsava's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and then click the green arrow icon.

Welcome to Corsava 

Now you can start your card sort, enter your geographic preferences, create your college list, and enter your impressions.

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