Once a student has completed a card sort, a summary report is automatically created in the student's profile, and either you or the student can choose to share the results with parents or mentors to set the process of building a college list in motion. 

To access the report, log in to your Corsava Online account, click on My Students and locate the student whose report you would like to access. You will see several options below the student's name, including Print and Share Link. Clicking on the Share Link button will generate a link to your student's report on your clipboard, so it is ready to paste into an email to send and share. The report includes a title sheet as well as details on the steps your student took to complete the card sort and card category descriptions, clarifying the results for the reader. 

The Print button allows you to physically print the report or save the report as a PDF. This version of the report includes a cover sheet and guide that summarizes the card sort process and explains the six college characteristic categories.

To save the document as a PDF, select “Save as PDF” under “Printer.” You can also enable/disable the header and footer that Chrome automatically adds. Click “More Settings” and under “Options,” check or uncheck the “Headers and footers” option.