Connecting With Your Counselor

Sometimes, students create their account independently of a counselor. We made it easy for students to connect at any time with a counselor so that the accounts are linked should the student decide to work with a school counselor, community-based organization, or independent educational consultant. 

Linking your account with your counselor allows for more informed discussions of your card sort results, among other things. Your counselor can discuss colleges that are a good match for you. You may even find that their feedback helps you consider additional important criteria to think about as you build your list, tweaking your cards to come up with a realistic list that fits well for you and your support network.


What can a counselor do with my account?

View and edit your card sorts, edit your college list and add colleges to your list, edit/add geographic preferences, view your shared notes, view your college impressions.


To connect your account:

Log in to your Corsava account and click on your name in the top right of the page. You will be in your account settings and can invite a counselor (or parent/guardian) by entering their email. 

Scroll down to Connections and click on +Invite parent/guardian/counselor and a page will pop up so that your counselor's email can be added and an invitation is then sent linking the student and counselor accounts. 

Note: if your counselor does not already have a Corsava account, they will be assumed to be a parent/guardian. Counselors interested in setting up a Corsava for Counselors account can do so on our website.