Once your student has created an account and completed a card sort, they can add colleges to their list. Then they can add impressions for those colleges. Adding their impressions will result in a personalized ranking of the colleges on their list.

To add or modify their impressions, students should follow these steps:

  1. Log in to their Corsava Student account
  2. Scroll down to My Colleges
  3. Click on one of the colleges on their list
  4. Add Impressions for their Must Have and Would Be Nice cards
  5. Repeat for all colleges on their list

If they are visiting that college, they can also add the date of their visit. 

The first time they select a college from their list, a game – similar to a card sort – will load in which the cards that are important to them (Must Have and Would Be Nice) will appear in random order. They simply select a rating for each card. They can always edit these choices later on, so should select the "Don't Know" option if they are not sure about a card at that particular time.