The college recommendations provided for each of your students are based on the results of their online card sort. Corsava uses counselor and student ratings when suggesting colleges. Corsava receives no money from colleges. 

If you feel recommendations could be improved, rating colleges is the most effective way to achieve this. Your ratings and impressions are also weighted more heavily for your students. 

More technical details on how this is accomplished are included in the following section. 

More Technical Details on Recommendations 

First, a community card score is calculated for cards at each college. This calculation is based upon multiple factors, including impression information entered by counselors via the Corsava Café, student ratings, and publicly available data sources like IPEDs. Each factor is weighted to produce the final community card score.

If you have added ratings to the Café, that value is used, along with any ratings from your student, instead of the community card score.

Next, using the student’s Must Have and No Way preferences, we calculate a recommended score for each college. This list of recommended colleges is limited to only those fitting the student’s required preferences.

Finally, we factor in the student’s Would Be Nice preferences, which redistributes the recommended colleges, but not change the number of colleges in their list.