If you don't see an individual student in the Café list of My Students, it is possible the student did not complete a card sort and it is paused, never started a card sort, or has inadvertently deleted or archived their card sort. Only those students who have completed a card sort will appear in the Café for recommendations. 

You can confirm this by clicking on My Students at the top of your page and searching on that student's name to view their profile and check the status of their card sort. 

This is what you'll see if your student has:

1. No card sort: 

If the student says they have, in fact, completed a card sort, but you don't see evidence here, it is likely they set up their Corsava student account independent of your counselor account - rather than using your registration link or email invitation. Ask them to follow the steps outlined in Connecting Your Account with Your Parent/Guardian or Counselor in order to link their account with yours. They will need the email address associated with your account to do this.

2. Paused card sort: Orange

The student will need to complete and save their card sort before they appear in the Café.

3. Archived Card Sort: Gray

If a student has inadvertently archived their completed card sort, you can unarchive the sort by first clicking on the sort to navigate to the associated report and then clicking on the "Unarchive" button. 

Students are also able to unarchive their card sorts.

4. Deleted Card Sort: Red

If a student has deleted their card sort, it was likely not an accident and may be best if they complete a new sort. However, if there is a need to restore the deleted card sort, you can do so by clicking on the sort to navigate to the associated report, clicking on the "Duplicate" button, and then clicking "Save." The card sort will now appear as completed, with a new time stamp associated with when you saved the duplicate sort.

5. Completed Card Sort: Green 

Any student with a completed card sort should appear in the Café.