When a student completes an online card sort, a Corsava Report is automatically generated. Through a fun and professional presentation, it summarizes the student's card sort results by category and level of importance to the student. The report helps both counselors and families by opening discussions on factors students may never have considered.

To view a student's Corsava Report:

  1. Log in to your Corsava Online account
  2. Navigate to "My Students"
  3. Search for the student's name or click View All Students
  4. Click on their name
  5. Click on the completed card sort button

The color-coded, shareable Corsava Report summarizes and categorizes the student’s preferences and is a vivid snapshot of what matters most to the student. All of your students’ individual reports show the creation date and will be saved to your Corsava account.

Update the current report
Helpful to make small adjustments without having to create a new report. When clicked, you will be redirected to the student's report and you can now make changes.


Create a copy of the report

Many counselors have students sort the cards multiple times: at a first meeting, after visiting colleges, and while making final college choices. If a student has already completed a sort, you can save time by copying their previous report and make any changes, rather than starting from scratch. Whether you sit with the student and discuss their preference changes on their Corsava Report or have them complete a new sort, you can record the changes and save or share their new report.


Hide the report

This is useful to hide older reports on a student’s profile. It also disables the shared link for a particular report.


Delete the report

Permanently deletes a report, from both your account and the student's. If a student deletes a report, you will still be able to view the report in your counselor account.

Share Link

Copies a shareable link (URL) of the report to your clipboard

Share the report with the student, parents, counselors, teachers, and other mentors for future discussions by simply pasting the link into an email or third-party software. The link also includes a guide that summarizes the sort process and explains the six college characteristic categories.

For privacy purposes, only the student’s first name and first initial of his/her last name will appear on the shared report. For security, only you or your student can share a completed report, and the link expires six months after the last update to the report. If you need more time, simply click the button after it expires to generate a new link.


Creates a printer-friendly version of the report

You have the option to print or save the report as a PDF. This version of the report includes a cover sheet and guide that summarizes the sort process and explains the six college characteristic categories.

To save the document, click “Change” under “Destination” and select “Save as PDF” under “Local Destinations.” You can also enable/disable the header and footer that Chrome automatically adds. Click “More Settings” and under “Options,” check or uncheck the “Headers and footers” option.