The Café allows experienced counselors to explore college criteria and see which match a student’s preferences. After a student completes a card sort, the Café is the perfect place to explore options without having to log in to multiple platforms, go through guidebooks, or check scattered notes. The Café gives counselors access to college recommendations, filtering options to allow for faster research, and allows counselors to share and view impressions from colleagues.

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Get College Recommendations for Your Students

You can generate a list of recommended colleges using the Corsava Café. This can be done automatically by selecting a student from My Students in the Café or by selecting a specific emotional, location, and academic preferences (Cards) that are important to the student.

Find Your Students in the Counselor Café

All of your students who have completed an online card sort or for whom you have entered hardcopy results will appear in your My Students list, ordered by class, then alphabetically by last name. When a student's name is selected, the Café will display their preferences and list of recommended colleges.

Customizing College Recommendations for Your Students

You and your students’ college rating scores have total control for list recommendations. If you add your ratings of colleges that you most often recommend to your students, your rating will be used instead of ratings from others, personalizing your list recommendations. The same applies to your student should they give their ratings after their card sort. While students cannot view the recommended list, their ratings will feed into the suggestions provided to you.

Adjusting the Recommendations

You can also influence the list of recommendations by adjusting the student's results from their Corsava Card Sort. When you filter by a specific student within the Corsava Café, you will see the list of their Must Have, Would Be Nice, and No Way selections. You can remove specific preferences (Cards) in this view without permanently changing the student's Corsava Card Sort results. 

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Research Colleges Using Filters

Filter by Location

You can also search by location by selecting states. This allows you to drill down by location as you explore colleges by emotional preference and admit rates. 

Filter by Corsava Card

You can also research colleges by selecting one or more Corsava Cards. Click on the chevron to the left of Corsava Cards section. Then expand each category by clicking on the chevron to the right of the category name, and click on each card to view ratings and impressions. As before, the cards in the results are filtered to only those selected. Notice that cards added by clicking on a checkbox always fall into the Must Have category.

Removing Filters

You can remove a filter in one of three ways:

  1. By unchecking the card in the list
  2. Clicking on the X next to the filter name
  3. Clicking "Clear Filters" will clear all of the filters

Sort by Admit Rate or by Recommended Colleges

By default, recommended colleges are ordered by emotional preference fit (Card) and not admit rate or other measures of how difficult it is to get into a college. For counselors and students who prefer to see lists ordered by the admit rate, you can switch from Recommended to Admit Rate by choosing the "SORT BY: Admit Rate" instead of Recommended.

Setting a Specific Admit Range

In addition to selecting the order of recommended colleges, you can filter colleges to only a specific admit rate range. Notice when you do this that the number of search results is reduced to only those colleges that fall into the selected admit rate. You can also resort the list by fit (recommended) as well.

College Ratings and Impressions

Search for Individual Colleges

You can search for a college by entering the name of the college and then hitting return/enter on your keyboard. A list of the first ten colleges matching that search term will be displayed. From there, you can select a college and explore the ratings and impressions that have been added for that school.

View And Share Impressions with the Corsava Counselor Community

You can view the ratings of other counselors and students by clicking on the chevron to the left of the college name. This will display the categories of emotional preferences. Once you click on a college, you will be able to view all of the ratings and impressions that have been added. From there, you can see the distribution of the star ratings and any impressions for each preference (Cards).

Adding Your Impressions

Adding your own ratings and impressions of colleges is a great way to share and store your knowledge. Once you have selected a college and are viewing others' ratings and impressions, you will see an area to add your own rating and impression.