Connecting With Your Parent/Guardian

The key to a successful college search is for you to take ownership of the process, but there is no denying that in most cases parents/guardians/mentors have a big influence on your final choice. From running the Net Price Calculator and getting a reality check on actual costs after aid, to understanding what you want in a college, inviting your parents to view your account is a great way to all get on the same page early and avoid surprises down the road.

Connecting your account will help them understand more about your college choices as they do their own card sort and add impressions of the colleges you are researching and those you may have visited together.

What can a parent/guardian do with my account?

Parents/Guardians can only view your card sort results, your list, and your impressions; there is no tampering allowed and your private notes are always just that, private! 

To Connect Accounts:

Log in to your Corsava account and click on your name in the top right side of the page. This screen will appear:

Next click on + Invite parent/guardian/counselor and this page will pop up:

Enter their information and an invitation will then be sent. If your parent/guardian has an existing account, the accounts will automatically connect when your invitation is sent.

If your parent/guardian does not already have an account, they will need to create an account using the link sent with your invitation. Once they create an account, your account will automatically link to theirs.