In order to create a parent/guardian account, you will need to be invited by a student. 

Connecting to a Student's Account

Your student will need to log in to their account. Then click on their name in the top right side of the page. This screen will appear:

Next click on + Invite parent/guardian/counselor and this page will pop up:

Once they enter your information, an invitation will be sent to you. Click on "Accept Invitation" and follow the steps below. 

Option 1: Continue with Google

If the email address you wish to associate with your Corsava account is a Gmail account or a Google Account, you can get started without creating a Corsava-specific password. Click "Continue with Google," sign in to the appropriate account (if you are not already) and continue to Step 6 below.

Option 2: Set up your account using your email address

  1. Click "Sign up" in the lower right hand corner of the log in window.
  2. Enter the email address you want associated with your Corsava for Counselors account in the space provided.
  3. Create a password. 
  4. Click "Sign up" button. 
  5. Check your email for the 6-digit verification code and enter it in the space provided.
  6. Check out our Resources for Families and this Getting the most out of Corsava article as you explore the platform on your own and with your student.

Once you create an account, your account will be automatically link to your student's. You can view their card sort report, location preferences, and college list.

Your Corsava for Parents account can be connected to multiple students. You'll only need to set up your account once. Subsequent invitations to connect will result in an email letting you know the student has added you to their account.

>Read more about what to do if you have trouble with the invitation email