Your Corsava Report

Your report is a color-coded summary that organizes your preferences by category and level of importance.

To find this report:

  • Log in to your Corsava account
  • Navigate to "My Stuff"
  • Select your completed card sort

On the toolbar, you have the following buttons:


Hide the report

This puts a card sort into your archive. Note: If you shared a link to a report, archiving it will disable that link. Anyone who tries to open the shared link will see any error. You can re-enable the link by selecting the "Unarchive" button on the report.


Delete the report

This will permanently delete a card sort.

Share Link

Copies a shareable link (URL) of the report to your clipboard

This creates a secure link to the report that anyone you share it with can access. To protect your identity, only your first name and first initial of your last name will appear. The link also includes instructions on how to use the report.


Creates a printer-friendly version of the report

We have tested them all, and Google Chrome will make our reports shine!

You have the option to print or save the report as a PDF. This version of the report includes a cover sheet and guide that summarizes the sort process and explains the six college characteristic categories.

To save the document, click “Change” under “Destination” and select “Save as PDF” under “Local Destinations.” You can also enable/disable the header and footer that Chrome automatically adds. Click “More Settings” and under “Options,” check or uncheck the “Headers and footers” option.

Sharing Your Report

It’s a good idea to share this with the people who will help you along the journey like your counselor, college reps, trusted mentors, parents, and guardians. To do this, navigate to "My Stuff" and click on your completed card sort. From there, you can share a link or print your report.

>Learn more about connecting your account with a counselor/parent/guardian.