To add or modify your impressions and notes:

  1. Log in to your Corsava account
  2. Navigate to "My Stuff"
  3. Click on one of the colleges on your list

If you are visiting that college, you can add the date of your visit. 

The first time you select a college from your list, a game – similar to a card sort – will load in which the cards that are important to you (Must Have and Would Be Nice) will appear in random order. Simply select an answer for each card. You can always edit these choices later on, so don't get stuck if you don't know an answer. Just select the "Don't Know" option.

To add notes about a particular card, click "Add Notes" at the bottom of the page. By default, any notes you add are private. If you would like your counselor and/or parents/guardians to be able to view your notes, select "Shared" from the drop-down menu to the right of the card name. Refer back to your notes as you are preparing your application, writing your "Why This College?" statement, and/or preparing for an interview with an admissions representative.