Corsava uses the results of a student’s card sort to recommend colleges. Adding too many restrictive majors to the Must Have category can limit the results if all of the majors with strong programs are not available at many colleges. You can try deleting some of these if the student is flexible. Majors in the No Way category will not impact results. 

Deleting cards when playing with recommendations will not change cards in a student’s account or card sort. 

You can also adjust cards that might be in conflict with one another. Must Have and No Way cards have the most impact on a student’s recommendations.

Examples of cards that conflict with one another and might impact recommendations in the Must Have and No Way categories:

Rural College and Urban College

Liberal Campus and Conservative Campus

Lots of Class Choices and Small College

One of a Crowd and Big Fish in a Little Pond

Small College and Large College 

Large College and Small Classes/Learn by Discussing

Try playing with the student’s choices and suggest they consider how one card can impact another. The card sort is a great way to get your students to think about these choices and learn more about how their choices can have an impact on their experience.       

To adjust a student’s college recommendations to reflect their academic profile, you can adjust the admit rate slider bar