Discover what’s important to you about college…

There’s a lot more to the college experience than campus size and location. The Corsava Card Sort is designed to introduce you to a broad scope of college characteristics, allowing you to fully understand your preferences and find a college that will truly resonate with your wants and needs. 

Each card represents a unique characteristic of the college experience, with definitions to help you explore your choices. As you click through the cards, select what you “Must Have,” what “Would Be Nice,” things you “Do Not Care” about, and those characteristics that are a “No Way.” Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about a choice; you can always change your selections later.

Cards are divided into the following categories


Campus Culture

Educational Culture

Focuses on the academic opportunities that are important to the student, including specific majors, such as business, English, or biology

A reflection of the campus social culture and what’s important to the student body, such as whether students are outdoorsy, creative, full of school spirit, etc.

How students learn best, what type of structure they prefer, and their preference for the type of student interaction that occurs in the classroom and study groups

Extracurricular Activities

Residential Life

Student Resources

How students want to get involved outside of the classroom and which clubs and activities they prefer

A student’s preference for their residential experience, surrounding communities, on-campus housing and dining, and weather

Helps students identify their preference for support--discovering their major interest and career paths, connecting with professors, and getting necessary accommodations for learning differences or disabilities

A few tips as you start your card sort:

  1. You know how your teachers are always saying “read the directions carefully”? At the risk of earning an eye roll, we’re going to say, “read the definitions carefully.” Seriously. They’ll help.

  1. Be a little stingy with those “Must Haves.” The more cards you place in the “Must Have” category, the slimmer the chances of finding a school that actually has all of them. We don’t want to limit you, but we don’t want you to limit yourself either.

  1. Before you get too carried away with “No Way,” consider whether it’s a deal breaker (Sun? No way - I’m part vampire!) or simply something you won’t personally take advantage of if it’s available (I don’t want to be a dentist, but if some of my classmates are pre-dental, that’s cool).

  1. Check your work! We know this isn’t a math assignment, but take the time to review your report, paying particular attention to your “Must Have” and “No Way” cards. Be on the lookout for cards that are contradictory - like “Large College” and “Small College.” One campus generally cannot be both, so adjust your ratings accordingly. 

  1. Share your report and talk through your choices with a trusted adult.

Now what?

Check out the Tips page for next steps, college research tips and online resources.