If you entered an incorrect email address when inviting a new student to create their Corsava account, canceling the invitation will allow you send a new invitation to the correct address.

To cancel an invitation:

  1. Sign in to your Corsava Online account at https://site.corsava.com/signin
  2. Navigate to "My Students" in the header
  3. Click "View All Students" or search for a specific student by entering their First and Last names and clicking the "Search" button
  4. Click on the student whose invitation you wish to cancel
  5. As long as the student's account status is "Invitation Sent," you have the opportunity to either resend or cancel their invitation. Click on the "Cancel Invitation" button 
  6. Once you have clicked on "Cancel Invitation," the student's account status will revert to "No Account" 
  7. Use the "Send Invite" link to send a new invitation to the student, using the correct email address.

This process will allow you to correct typos made when inviting students to Corsava. If a student wishes to change the email address associated with their active account, they will need to contact Corsava's Support Team at hello@corsava.com.