Corsava uses color-coding in several different ways throughout our platform. Here's a key to what our colors mean:

My Students Page

For students using your unique student registration link to set up their account, their names will appear in teal under their graduation year once their account is set up.

For students receiving an invitation to create their account through Corsava, the color of their name button will tell you the status of their account:

Red = No Account

Orange = Invitation Sent

Teal = Account Active

If you create accounts for your students in order to enter hard copy card sort results, and do not have students set up or use their online account, their name button will remain red.

Student Profile Page - Sorts

The status of a student's card sort can be determined based on the color of the card sort button:

Green = Completed

Orange = Paused by student

Yellow = Paused by counselor

Gray = Archived

Red = Deleted by student*

* when a counselor deletes a report, it is deleted from the system permanently and the button will disappear from the student's profile.

Only students with at least one completed card sort will appear under the "My Students" section in the Counselor Café. College recommendations in the Café are based of a students most recent card sort results. 

Corsava Reports

Corsava Cards are divided into 6 categories, each associated with a particular color:


Campus Culture

Educational Culture

Extracurricular Activities

Residential Life

Student Resources

Location preferences are included in brown.