Would you like to test out the student experience before launching into Corsava? First, create a test student by using your email address (example: anne@corsava.com) and creating an alias email (example: anne+student@corsava.com). Simply by adding a "+" (no spaces) and any word you choose, you will have a new email address that will act just like your regular email, both sent and received. It is a good idea to test it out by sending an email from your regular email account to this new alias email and confirm that you receive it. The test email will arrive in your inbox just like an email to your regular account. 

Note: While our example uses our domain name (@corsava.com). your test account is associated with your email address, so will have the same domain as your email, be it @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc..

Next, use any of these two options to invite your alias student (in my case anne+student@corsava.com) to set up an account and start a card sort. As a reminder, here are the two options for inviting your students to Corsava. You can read more about inviting students here

Once you insert your new alias email and invite yourself, check your email inbox and you should see the invitation to create an account using your alias email address. You can run through the card sort, select your geographic preferences, add colleges to your list, see how the shared and private notes work with your counselor account, and add impressions as if you were a student on a college visit. You can also view your test student in your counselor account to see your view of the student's card sort report and how to share the link with families or mentors. 

You can always create a student account using a separate email address (different from your Corsava counselor account email address) if the steps above do not work for you!